We are Ovaleye Smart Grid Consulting.

We have the experience and knowledge to make the smart grid work for you and your company.

Who we are.

Experienced engineers, project leaders, innovators, and service providers, form the core team of Ovaleye. Our passion is creating solutions that weave advanced technology into an existing business fabric to produce results that work for everyone. Our years of experience in the utility and high tech industries give us a broad perspective on the future of the Smart Grid and all its possibilities.

Tracy Nelson

Principal, Technical Director

Kathy Nelson

Principal, Managing Director

Bill Brennecke

Data Scientist


Using the right tools for the job is critical. Embedded code, distributed processing, cloud, web, and all the many tools available are only effective if applied as the problem dictates, not as the engineer decides. Experience in the problem domain and in the technology domain allows for a marriage of the two and the proper solution for the intended application.


Data is the currency on which the utility survives in this competitive and fast moving environment. The proper management of data adds tremendous value and insight, giving the owners of that data new capabilities. Whether efficiencies in processes, or additional services, or a more complete view, the right use of data is right for the bottom line.


Utilities are built on history. Strong and well built history. Changing that overnight is not an option. Inserting the future with a well planned and thoughtful strategy, respectful of history, leads to successful integration. The type of integration that people can live with. And utilities are people first and foremost.


Building relationships, honoring commitments, standing behind products and services, these are not options. Success is only possible when these qualities are truly embedded in the process. The result must be lasting so that the value of the solution is felt well into the future.

How we work.

1Fully understanding the issue and knowing all the requirements is the key to a successful project. We work hand in hand those who are closest to the problem to ensure we have all the data and facts to provide the desired results the first time.

2Rapid prototyping and frequent interactions promote confidence that progress is on track and requirements are being met. Constant exchange of information and ideas allow for changes to be made.

3Follow up and follow through make sure that when the project is complete it has truly solved the problem and meets all the needs. Continued support ensures the finished solution will stand the test of time.